Learn How Email Appending Services Can Save You Money On Marketing


Email appending services are the fastest way to get the email addresses of your current clients. A company will take the name and postal address of your clients and run it against a system that can obtain their email. This type of marketing can help you save on marketing costs so you are not constantly mailing to your customers. All of the customers have opted in to receive information and this helps to maximize the accuracy of the information. Continue reading “Learn How Email Appending Services Can Save You Money On Marketing”


How to Upgrade Email Marketing Efforts With Email Append

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Email Append is a practice that allows business owners and marketers to reach more potential customers with accurate and deliverable emails, resulting in a successful and cost-effective email marketing campaign. Continue reading “How to Upgrade Email Marketing Efforts With Email Append”

Email Appending Services and Its Benefits in B-To-B Marketing

email-appending.jpgAs per the predictions of Forrester Research, $2.5 billion dollars will be spent on creating, promoting and analyzing email marketing campaigns. From this, we can understand the importance of email in B-to-B marketing, as it remains as the preferred channel for most of the business communications. The most precious commodity in this B-to-B marketing is email because it is an immediate and direct way to communicate with the customer. Continue reading “Email Appending Services and Its Benefits in B-To-B Marketing”

How Appending Data Helps You Sell More Effectively

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In a perfect world, every single sales record would be completely accurate with up-to-date names, phone numbers, and email addresses. Sales reps would follow up and instantly hear replies back from eager customers. Trumpets would ring out from the heavens and gold would fall from the skies. Continue reading “How Appending Data Helps You Sell More Effectively”

Email Appending – Is It Worth It?

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Many people think “email appending” means attachments appended to the end of an email. That’s not what it means. Continue reading “Email Appending – Is It Worth It?”

Why Should I Append Social Media Data?

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I think we can all agree that social media has proved its worth. Gone are the days when industry experts duked it out over whether Facebook and Twitter and Instagram were just a flash fad in online marketing. Continue reading “Why Should I Append Social Media Data?”

Understanding Email and Data Appends, for Marketing


Marketing professionals often ask me about email and data appends.  Both can help grow new email subscribers and improve the information about existing ones. In this article, I’ll describe how email and data appends work, and how they can improve your email marketing campaigns. Continue reading “Understanding Email and Data Appends, for Marketing”

Email Appending Best Practices for 2017


Email appending can be an extremely helpful tool for email marketers in the long run. Even though it has been around for as long as email marketing has been around, the chances of it being used well are low. There are many reasons for this. Finding a trustworthy email appending solutions provider is difficult today- the industry is such that low quality players far outnumber the good ones. Continue reading “Email Appending Best Practices for 2017”

How Email Append Services Help You Capture Low-Hanging Fruit


Every company’s most important sales asset is their customer file – a record of current and potential buyers. With a good quality customer database you can more effectively upsell existing customers and make sure that no prospects fall through the cracks. Continue reading “How Email Append Services Help You Capture Low-Hanging Fruit”