Use Of Email Appending Services To Add Email Addresses To Your Customer Lists


Many company owners and entrepreneurs still don’t know that there is a way to locate upwards of 25-30% of the email addresses for customer records that for some reason are missing emails. I am sure we can all agree that staying in touch with your customers by using email is the easiest and simplest way to communicate with them. But, if you don’t have an email address, what do you do then? Mail a letter or a postcard just to that segment of your customer list? That’s usually not what happens, and those customers are most likely left out of that particular communication or campaign.

Why wouldn’t you have email addresses for these customers? Well, many times sales personnel simply forget to ask for the email address, and in other cases you don’t get the email address from a service provider, such as with for example. If you sell on, you will not get the actual email address of your customers, but you get a “scrambled” address that can only be used on Amazon’s system.

But, as I mentioned above, most company owners don’t even know that there is a way to add – or “append” as it is called – email addresses for 30% or more of the records processed. Would it help you if you had another 300+ emails per thousand customers? Would that make your campaigns more effective? I am sure you agree it would help.

For the last 4 years, we have been providing an email address appending service (or also called an address appending service) that uses the first name, last name, and mailing address to locate email addresses in national databases. These databases come from warranty registrations, subscription signups, etc., etc. Using this data, we can usually locate 30% or more of the missing email addresses.

Email append best practices.

Now, even though there is no requirement that these recipients have opted in to receive emails from you in order for you to communicate with them (provided they are your customers of course), there is an accepted best practice that this is done. So, you need to use common sense when using email append mailing lists, and your first few email campaigns to these customers should be about getting them to opt in to your newsletter, or at least ask for permission to stay in touch with them. You also do need to follow the main rules of the CAN-SPAM Act, which you can find here:

Because of the fact that there is a risk for black listing if you don’t do this right, I don’t recommend that you mail these recipients yourself initially. You can do that, of course, but I have seen so many mistakes in this area, and black listings are a pain to handle. We have an email service that you can use for this if you don’t want to handle it yourself.

Reverse append.

And by the way, we can also do a reverse append, and what I mean by that is that if you have an email address and a first and last name – we can find the mailing address for a percentage of the customers if you want to send a mail piece or postcard instead of an email.

Email append pricing.

Email append pricing is all over the chart, but it is with this service as it is with so many other products – you get what you pay for most of the time. Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous people out there that simply harvest the Internet for email addresses, and then sell these lists as either opted in lists, or use them to append with. As you can understand, the quality of these lists is just atrociously bad, and will end up getting you complaints real fast.

Just how clean is your data? Identify where your data requires attention, allowing you to choose which areas to improve.

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If you are using email marketing to stay in contact with your customers, and to sell additional products and services to them, then you should try to get all the email addresses you possibly can, in order to make your email marketing campaigns more effective by simply reaching more customers.

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