Learn How Email Appending Services Can Save You Money On Marketing


Email appending services are the fastest way to get the email addresses of your current clients. A company will take the name and postal address of your clients and run it against a system that can obtain their email. This type of marketing can help you save on marketing costs so you are not constantly mailing to your customers. All of the customers have opted in to receive information and this helps to maximize the accuracy of the information.

Many companies that sell email appending services will run a free test for you to see how many of your current customers they have matched with an email. The turnaround time on obtaining these leads is fast so you can start to expand your email marketing quickly and effectively. This same type of service is also available to obtain the email addresses of businesses. This type of marketing can increase your sales and profit while you are constantly keeping your customers informed of what you are offering. There are millions of customers currently in the database and this number keeps increasing as more data is added daily. You only pay for each successful append and marketing companies are able to offer some other services when you purchase these leads. These include the time and date stamp, free opt out messages delivered to your customers, high security data protection and professional service. Technology is always being updated and with the cost of postal stamps, you can start saving your marketing money by emailing your customers instead.

Just how clean is your data? Identify where your data requires attention, allowing you to choose which areas to improve.

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The average cost of email appending services is $7 for every 1000 leads. This is very cheap compared to other methods of marketing your services. This type of publicity provides an excellent way of communicating with your customers. Make sure to ask the company selling you these leads if you are only responsible to pay for emails that are delivered. You only want to pay for results, which will lead to future sales. Also, be sure that your information is not being sold to third party vendors, as this can become a nuisance with other companies trying to sell you on various services.

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