Six Email Append Best Practices


You know that growing your email list organically, by having your customers voluntarily give you their email addresses, can be a very slow process.  It is also likely to be cost, or logistically, prohibitive.  Yet email remains a strong channel to deliver relevant and timely offers to customers.  If you are ready to do an email append to your customer database, here are six best practices to consider:

  1. Provide as much name and address detail to your append partner as possible.  While there may be only one David Smith living on Lark Lane in Tupelo, Mississippi, there could be more than one living at 50 West 34th Street in New York City.  Apartment or unit numbers are important components of a correct data match in the email append process.
  2. Send your provider your list of current opt-outs.  Since you are charged on appended email addresses, there’s no point in paying for email addresses you can’t use.
  3. Tell your provider how recently you cleaned your database and whether you did a standard NCOA (National Change of Address) or if you used PCOA (proprietary change of address) processing too.  Since 35-40% of moves are not reported to the USPS, your provider may advise that you update addresses using all available resources to ensure you receive as many accurate email append matches as possible.
  4. Provide any email addresses that you currently have on your file, and indicate whether the email address is currently deliverable, or has bounced.  Your provider should be able to validate your good email addresses, and perhaps append a current email address where you have an undeliverable email address.
  5. Make sure your email append provider has a robust suppression file.  These are email addresses that are known spam traps, no longer deliverable, or chronic complainers.  You want to make sure that you don’t add any of these to your customer database!
  6. Integrate these newly acquired email addresses into your email marketing gradually, systematically and strategically.  We call this the “on ramp process.”

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