5 Don’ts of Using an Email Append Service

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In the business of turning contacts into customers, more and more direct marketers are opting for experimentation with email campaigns, and for good reason: Some data show email-only campaigns can perform up to 95 times better in terms of ROI than direct mail-only campaigns. Yet, as companies add Continue reading “5 Don’ts of Using an Email Append Service”

Best Practice for Email Append


A question we get asked a lot here at ExactTarget, is what is the best practice for email appends? Turns out, the real, honest answer is: Don’t. Email appends aren’t a best practice. As I mentioned in a previous post, Morgan Stewart has shared some good data on how to minimize the spam complaint fallout, and drive the best opt-in permission results, if you’re going to do an email append campaign at all. Continue reading “Best Practice for Email Append”

5 Do’s of Using an Email Append Service

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Many companies have spent years cultivating large and reliable postal mailing lists, but, once they embrace email marketing, they often find they don’t have corresponding email addresses for most of those buyers. Email append can rapidly boost the size of your email list and accelerate your marketing program by attaching email addresses to your postal records. In our last post, we examined five don’ts of using an email append service. Continue reading “5 Do’s of Using an Email Append Service”

Six Email Append Best Practices


You know that growing your email list organically, by having your customers voluntarily give you their email addresses, can be a very slow process.  It is also likely to be cost, or logistically, prohibitive.  Yet email remains a strong channel to deliver relevant and timely offers to customers.  If you are ready to do an email append to your customer database, here are six best practices to consider: Continue reading “Six Email Append Best Practices”

3 Trends in Email Appending and Marketing That You Should Be Aware Of


Integrated marketing campaigns, personalization and customized messages, adaptive content– all of these define new-age email marketing techniques and defines future success. The smart marketer can stop relying on their stars and look towards analytics and market research to comprehend changing trends and how businesses and communication with targeted audiences have to adapt according to market needs. Continue reading “3 Trends in Email Appending and Marketing That You Should Be Aware Of”